Indian style in jewelry

Welcome to "Dreams", our collection of fine jewellery which pays homage to all that is beautiful. With you, our clients, in mind we have compiled a collection drawing inspiration from the Classic diva, the career professionals, the restless Bohemian and the love-struck couple. Your dreams made real. Please do call us to show our range of collection and, we are going on-line soon.


The beauty that defies eternity

Rest assured that are our diamonds are a cut above. We understand that cut is not just about the shape of the diamond but, the more importantly, the proportion, finnish and symmetry of the external facets. The more perfect the cut, the more sparkle you see. Dreaming of the perfect diamond - we can help.

The four C of




What dreams are made of

Whilst most diamonds you have seen are a subtle, often unnoticeable, degree of pure white, others will sing with beauty an depth of colour unmatched by any other gem. Whatever your preference you can make a selection secure in the knowledge that every "Dreams" diamond is carefully colour graded according to international gemmological standards.


The real Handmade in India

Diamonds are nature's most wonderful gift and their infinite variety results from the fingerprints with which nature has endowed them. Sometimes called inclusions these give each diamonds its own character making every gem unique. Very rarely a diamond is formed that is completely free from any inclusions. Internally flawless or blessed with a unique character, the choice is yours. A choice made with confidence knowing that every "Dreams" diamond has been carefully graded according to international gemmological standards.


The art of creating emotions,
a style in continuous evolution

Carat, though often confused as a measure of size, is in fact, a measure of diamond weight. The larger the diamond, the more rare it is and, consequently more expensive to purchace. Our fine jewellery collection boasts a wide selection of carat options, a perfect fit for every client.



The cradle of contemporary jewelry

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40 years of Wholesale Dimond Jewelry

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